Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why you need a CGO

A recent article in Fortune Magazine mentioned seven new C-level areas expected to emerge in the next 5 years. The magazine predicted some interesting positions such as the Chief Perception Officer. Surprisingly, a Chief Globalization Officer was not considered as one of these emerging areas.

Is global expansion and important growth factor in your business? If so, can you identify who in your organization is currently the champion for setting the global business directive? Our experience is that organizations that are just starting expanding globally usually do not assign a dedicated manager and resources for their global expansion. Global is not managed by one person or division but rather managed by many people at different levels of the organization, with different budgets and different managers. Management responsibilities grow organically over time as they become natural extensions of someone's current responsibilities.

This could be a risk when global expansion becomes more important to the business and needs to be managed. We've talk about this growth and maturation risk in an earlier blog post.

Without centralization, can your organization truly create global communication initiatives effectively and with consistency? If you are not able to pinpoint where global 'lives' in your organization, your organization will benefit from having a partner that your organization can count on for managing and coordinating global communications across the organization.

Examples of benefits:
Value Added Resellers can grow their international accounts by actively being involved in the sales process.
You can protect your brand message through centralization, ensuring that no unwanted brand messaging in your global communication piece goes out the door.

Consider Language Solutions as your 'Chief Globalization Officer' for centralization and management of your global communications. With defined metrics and goals that span the organization, we bring a global communication strategy to your organization tailored to your needs that would require an investment at a fraction of having to set up your own department with management responsibility.

Our focus on globalization strategies is as much directed towards the organizational goals as it is to work to support the people who 'make global happen'. If your organization has an international department or is starting to coordinate globalization efforts, we can deliver knowledge and experience that can help you move through the maturation curve effectively. Allow us to sit down with your department and talk about managing your global communication efforts and see the benefits of having a partner that goes beyond just translation.

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