Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Are you diluting your brand?

Your multilingual communications are a valuable element of your brand assets, not a commodity. With translating and transcreating an organization's marketing publications, we consider brand equity.

How is the brand affected by translation? Does the organization’s brand risk dilution at any point in the process? Do you maintain a consistent brand while respecting cultural nuances? Is there a strategy for global brand consistency?

Transcreation is growing in our industry. It's a more creative translation.  However, we believe all translation is creative because it's not a literal process but more of a concept to concept process.  But transcreators do focus on capturing the emotion of the original.  It's important for your transcreators to know as much about your target market and what emotion you want to evoke - the same strategy you shared with your English writing team.

A more literal translation of your marketing materials can dilute your brand.  Be sure to get feedback from your language provider on what works and what doesn't work in translation, what is considered copywriting, what elements need to be localized.

We specialize in marketing communications.  Give us a call about taking your brand into other countries or languages.

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