Thursday, December 9, 2010

Size does matter!

So.... you are choosing a Language Service Provider or LSP as they are known in our industry or maybe you want to find a new provider..... what size company will fit your needs? Well that is something that should definitely be discussed with any providers you might consider - your needs......not their size. That should be the first point of discussion.

In our Industry, there are a lot of large translation providers - some public and some private. Allow me to make the case for you to consider a smaller organization. What are the advantages for you?

Our culture here at Language Solutions is based on a Customer First culture where we strive to truly understand not only your needs but those of your organization as well. What is your experience going to be with Language Solutions? As a smaller company, we can deliver on a Customer First model much better than a larger company can.

Agility - we have agility as a smaller organization and can move more quickly in response to your needs to serve you better. We have the capacity for rapid change and flexibility according to your customized needs.

Service Driven - you will have 2 dedicated points of contact for your projects. We don't have a rotating staff of project managers and as a smaller company, our employee retention levels are much greater than a larger organization so you won't be with a new person each time!

Long Term Relationships - Instead of a Service Level Agreement that is based on deliverables, why not consider an outcomes based relationship agreement. Let's discuss together what you want from our partnership and then set up accountability measures for that.

Involvement and Investment - As the President of this organization, I am involved in your growth and help to drive your performance. For some of our clients, this means meeting with their end clients to help answer questions, bring strategy to the table, being their first call for any language related question or challenge - true collaboration. What does collaboration mean for you? What kind of support would you benefit from?

A partnership that focuses on collaboration also leads to trust. I challenge you to look beyond price and see whether you are receiving value from the relationship you have or wish to have.